Hands-Free Access in the Dodge Grand Caravan

Whether you're carrying groceries, luggage, or a small child, having easy access to your vehicle's interior is a must-have. The Dodge Grand Caravan is a popular family minivan that does all the hard work for you. Instead of having to place items down and fumble with keys, you can get the Caravan with functional upgrades.

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Superior Detailing in the Jeep Grand Cherokee

When you’re taking your family on the road in the Jeep Grand Cherokee, you can depend on numerous safety and security features to protect you. Available Forward Collision Warning alerts you to the possibility of frontal impacts and can engage the brakes. With available Blind Spot Monitoring, you’ll know if a car has entered your blind zone, which makes changing lanes safer.

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Your Next Vehicle Could Be a Jeep Wrangler! Here's Why

Finding the perfect car isn't always easy, which is why you should consider checking out a Jeep Wrangler as your next vehicle. This unit comes with a variety of perks you're going to want to explore and experience for yourself as you drive.

Enjoy a sleek, modern experience with the Uconnect 4C NAV With 8.4-Inch Touchscreen, which offers a pinch-to-zoom touchscreen to keep you listening to your favorite music while you drive. 

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Ram 3500 Ready and Waiting to Impress

Built to stand the test of time, the 2018 Ram 3500 is a leader in its class of heavy-duty pickup trucks. This venerable workhorse is engineered to provide the highest standard of durability and capability on the roads today.

The patented 6.7L Cummins Turbo Diesel I6 engine boasts a torque rating of 930 lb-f partnered with a maximum diesel tow rating of 31,210 pounds when properly equipped. 

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Easy Off-Roading Tips for Beginners to Consider

These simple off-roading tips for beginners brought to you by Colonial Dodge Chrysler Jeep should allow you to maximize your fun out on the trails.

If you are just getting started with off-roading, it is always a good idea to learn from those with more experience. There are going to be plenty of riding groups that you can join, who will welcome you into the fold and help you get up to speed on taking your vehicle off-road safely. 

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Business Growth Offers Many Opportunities with a 2018 Ram ProMaster City

Whether you’re an independent contractor or an independent business owner, your needs change, as your growth continues. A Ram ProMaster City is a popular cargo van that will grow right along with you. The cargo space provides 131.7 cubic feet to modify the van to outfit your business needs at every interval.

With a maximum towing capacity of 2,000 pounds, the Ram ProMaster City allows you to add a trailer to carry essential supplies for your business, without needing to have a second vehicle. 

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Find Safety in a Dodge Journey

Dodge has been a major American automaker for more than a century. Proudly, we sell Dodge's popular Journey, a mid-size SUV. It is stylish and safe. Today, we want to share its safety highlights with you.

In every Journey it builds, Dodge includes its Electronic Stability Control System with Roll Mitigation, which senses control loss and applies the brakes while it reduces engine power. 

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Jeep Renegade All-Weather Exterior Features

The Jeep Renegade is a classic example of a vehicle that is at home in a big city or off the beaten path. That's part of what makes the Renegade a popular choice in the subcompact SUV sub-category. There are numerous exterior features that make the Jeep Renegade a solid choice for your SUV needs.

Inclement weather will be less of an obstacle for you thanks to the Renegade's heavy fog lamps. 

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Dodge Charger: Suspension for Your Style

The Dodge Charger is a performance sedan that power enthusiasts crave. One of the biggest options Dodge drivers consider is suspension. The Charger offers four options including the touring, performance, sport, and adaptive dampening. No matter where and how the Chargers drove, there's suspension options for it.

Get the most out of your gas tank with more MPGs than ever.

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The Newly Upgraded Chrysler Pacifica: See the Interior

The new Chrysler Pacifica has received rave reviews from drivers and critics. The latest models were designed for comfort, safety, and longevity. With all of the latest technology packed in and options for an eight seat, this van combines the class of a luxury vehicle with the comfort of a spacious cabin.

Standard features include power-adjustable seating, 3 rows of seating, 7-inch touch screen, Uconnect infotainment system, proximity keys, climate control, blind spot monitoring, push-button start, and KeySense parental controls. 

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