Stay Safe on the Road in Your New Dodge Journey

Are you nervous about driving in bad weather in Hudson? The Dodge Journey, a popular mid-sized SUV, has some great safety features that will help keep you calm behind the wheel. We, here at Colonial Dodge Chrysler Jeep, are really excited about these features and would love to tell you about them.

The Dodge Journey's electronic stability control is a special system that maintains your car's directional control by coordinating your steering with the car's movement. What that means is, you'll have less risk of skidding out of control, and better control of the car if you have to swerve, or suddenly change directions.

Another safety feature, the electronic roll mitigation system, keeps the driver in control. This safety feature keeps your car centered properly at all times, reducing the risk of wheel lift. Wheel lift can easily occur when taking a sharp turn, or by losing control of the car's steering. This system takes control of the car's engine power and brakes keeping you and your family safely on the road.

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