When is it Time for a Fuel System Service Call

Being in the position to identify when the fuel system in the car is failing can help keep you from being stranded with a vehicle that will not start.

Pay close attention to when the car is surging when you are not applying any additional pressure to the gas pedal. This is most evident when driving on the highway, you'll see the RPM gauge surging because the fuel line is either clogged or the pump is failing.

There may be some days when the car starts and other days when it takes several tries for it to turn over. This might happen if the fuel pump about to fail and is still working periodically. When you see a big drop in your fuel economy, it is time to have the entire system inspected.

If your vehicle is exhibiting any of these signs, come to our service center here at Colonial Dodge Chrysler Jeep so our team can perform a fuel system inspection today.

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