Have Your Suspension Checked at Colonial Dodge Chrysler Jeep

If you're vehicle has begun to pull to one side on the highway or the potholes in town have begun to take a toll, it may be time to have your suspension system inspected.

Vehicles today have complex and interconnected parts that form the suspension system for their wheels. It keeps you from feeling every bump and jolt when you drive on an uneven road, and it connects your wheels to the steering column. When the joints between these parts wear out from the constant impacts they absorb, you'll notice the quality of your ride deteriorate. It can also cause your steering to be knocked out of alignment, which results in pulling to the left or right.

Here at Colonial Dodge Chrysler Jeep, we have qualified automotive technicians who are ready to service your vehicle's suspension system and get you back to smooth driving again. Visit our service center in Hudson.

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