The Many Safety Features of the Ram 1500

With over 100 safety features added to a powerhouse engine and comfortable cabin, it's no wonder the Ram 1500 is such a popular light-duty pickup truck. Head down the highway with confidence for a short errand or a long drive with all the comfort, road performance and safety features that will make your journey better.

With cutting-edge radar technology and multiple cameras, the Ram 1500 adds both convenience and safety to everyday tasks. The top view camera will give drivers a sense of where their vehicle is in relation to a trailer or will alert them to any obstruction when they are in reverse.

The forward radars sense the proximity of vehicles nearby and will alert the driver if an obstruction is identified ahead. When cruise control is engaged, the vehicle will automatically slow or accelerate in relation to the vehicles traveling around it. These sensors also monitor where the vehicle is in its lane, alerting the driver if the vehicle begins to drift.

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